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The Pointless Parrot Podcast is just a whole bunch of craziness with me, Emma. A podcast where there is no format, there is no script. Or is there?

Aug 31, 2020

In this special “HEATWAVE” edition (recorded while me and my guest were melting), we talk to Nat Aves about lovely stuff. Not only do we learn about nose flutes, potato cows and Instagram Reels, we also talk about TikTok and board game conventions.

Find Nat over at Twitter ( and Instagram...

Aug 17, 2020

The most magical wizard of all, Richard Simpson from We’re Not Wizards joins us for a chat about creating awful content, furry friends and some dad rants. Find Richard’s wizardly POG unfriendly content over on his Blog (, his Podcast ( YouTube (

Aug 3, 2020

Our first double feature on the Pointless Parrot Podcast with Calvin and Dee! During this Calvin & Dee show we talk about potatoes, Overwatch and obviously board games. Check out these lovely people: Calvin on Twitter ( and Instagram (, Dee on Twitter (