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The Pointless Parrot Podcast is just a whole bunch of craziness with me, Emma. A podcast where there is no format, there is no script. Or is there?

Apr 27, 2020

Look at that podcast episode. How could you not talk about bears and dogs with Paul Dean? We also talk about what a bear likes as a sandwich and what made him choose Canada as his new place of residence. This episode got real weird, real fast, again. You can find Paul on Twitter (

Apr 13, 2020

How much more incorrigible can this podcast get? Today you are in for a session of Em & Em, as we sit down with Emily Detmer. We talk about Dungeons & Dragons, crafting and how she might be chaotic evil in real life. WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR THE INCORRIGIBLE PARTY. You can find Emily on Twitter (